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Your Sourcing Partner

Welcome to Procurement Professionals Alberta, We are a group of committed experts who offer single source procurement services that maximize saving and minimize costs. With our assistance, you will reduce your inventory carrying costs, take advantage of shorter lead times, and reduce your overall purchasing overhead. 

Our Services


Our aim is to deliver exceptional products, services, solutions and customer service to our clients. By choosing us, you can expect: 

Competitive Pricing

Providing affordability is not just our claim – it's our mission. We guarantee the most  competitive pricing in the market. 

Shorter Lead Times

Less wait and more business. We provide deliveries within the most minimal time frame.

Personalized Customer Service

Your concerns are our priority. All inquiries will be addressed and resolved within 24 hours of contact.

Competent Team

Our team is built on individuals who are highly skilled and experienced in their roles. We ensure you get the best experience when you do business with us.

Extensive Supplier Base

Our broad network of suppliers simplifies the process for our clients to obtain their desired products and services.

Industries We Serve

In procurement, proficiency brings insight, and insight brings value.

Our procurement experts bring extensive experience in field operations, supply chain management, consulting, and business proficiency. We now offer their expertise and essential tools for optimal results in your business.

Our extensive knowledge and experience can be utilized across multiple industries, including:

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